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iSchool Orientation Video

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category: Educational Services
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5/31/2016   linda hermiz 
this sounds easy enough

10/1/2015   Anna Spencer 
Sounds easy enough.

8/16/2015   Chaya Rodriguez 
Ready to get started

2/20/2015   sebastian hernandez 
It won't let me log in.

2/9/2015   Kelly Donlevy 
Google browser worked perfect for me.

1/28/2015   Angela Jackson 
Useful information

1/14/2015   Anthony Sumrall 
Thanks, that was helpful.

1/14/2015   Cindy Herrin 
Awe, hence the on and off lag during orientation video. Note: dont' use google as browser.

1/13/2015   Sienna McCulley 
Sounds easy!!!

11/1/2014   bryan Pereda 
Sounds good

10/25/2014   Nataly Rivas  
Sounds pretty simple

9/18/2014   Alejandro Perez 
Sounds good

11/6/2013   Rhonda Rideout 
Do you have beginning Spanish classes? I have a 12 year old whose been taking Spanish for 3 years and I would like for her to continue until she can lean to speak fluently. If not, do you know of any programs in the area that would offer such services,
Thank you,