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Elevate Expectations...Banish Bullying: Communication

Monday, April 11, 2011
Dysart Unified School District
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category: Safe Schools, Healthy Students
The Dysart Unified School District and Safe Schools, Healthy Students have come up with a comprehensive bullying program entitled, "Elevate Expectations...Banish Bullying." This PSA's theme is "communication" and features students from Valley Vista High School and Thompson Ranch Elementary School.
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8/28/2015   Lisa Tibbits 
This could help the kids who don't think they are bullying, to see how their actions/words hurt.

7/29/2015   coy brown 
Helps student if he know he can bring attention of this problem to a teacher

7/27/2015   darlene 
Love the Stand up and speak out. Hard to do unless you give students the words and they have the personal value system to do what is right.

6/18/2015   Helen C. Archer 
Good video as to how Bullying can happen at school. Also it can be sad for some children.

6/11/2015   Coy M. Brown 

1/17/2014   Alivia Buckley 

1/13/2014   Suzi DeMartini 
Things like this happen all the time. Students don't realize that this is a form of bullying.

1/13/2014   demartini 
was a good video

12/19/2013   Angela D 
Very Sad

8/28/2013   Laurie Van Fleet 
A visual like this really helps kids understand what bullying is and the different forms it takes.

8/25/2013   Susan Spigarelli 
Bullying comes in many forms. Getting the students to see the impact of their actions seems to be the way to stop it.

8/21/2013   Jana Groh 
Students helping students!

8/18/2013   Lauren Von Gunten 
Good video to stress the importance of not being a by-stander but for kids to take a stand and speak up when they see bullying.

8/11/2013   Julie Dine 
This video was very effective in showing how hurtful simple actions can be to an individual or individuals.

8/11/2013   Beth Hatcher 
Excellent videos.

8/6/2013   Kate Eastburn 
It is so important to take a stand! This really illustrates how just one person could make such a difference.

8/6/2013   Kami Gastineau 
I think it is a powerful message when students are acting it out!

8/31/2012   Zooz 
Thank you Amanda for your insight into blluying. Most of us have experienced blluying at school to some degree so I wish your website had been around when I was going to school. I have four boys and each one has also experienced it. Your expertise and knowledge about the subject is enormous so I thank you for helping me to help my boys. Keep the great work going. You are helping thousands of people on this subject

8/30/2012   Nmalou 
I try my best to try to prevent people from bullying others but they still do. I don't know why they would do that to someone it hurts their feelings.

8/30/2012   Cindy Puscahk 
This happens all too often. It is silent but powerful.

8/24/2012   Julie Dine 
A great deal was "said" without saying a word. Very sad.

8/22/2012   Cathy Malina 
Good illustration of different forms of bullying.

8/21/2012   SMorin 
I feel exposure to bullying in all arenas is very important. Keep it up!

8/20/2012   DGreenberg 
Looks like Real situations

8/18/2012   Kristine Ketchen 
Good video

8/18/2012   Tahlie Peterson 
As teachers we really need to watch for this and stop it early!

8/16/2012   Karen Rodi 
Gets the [point across well

8/13/2012   ploughlin 
Good video

3/26/2012   anna villard  
bullies sickenn me to death

It is necessary to remember that facial expression and non verbal communication can also be a form of bullying.

1/31/2012   james.usher 
Bullying can not be banished but it can be stopped by having some types of programs in all the schools

1/31/2012   Laurie Van Fleet 
Great short video that is to the point with a powerful message!

1/30/2012   Amanda  

1/27/2012   Marisa Cummins 
This is so sad, but true. Amazing that kids can treat other kids so poorly.

1/27/2012   Paula Bianchi 
So sad that this sort of thing goes on!

1/25/2012   Angie Holcomb 
this makes me sick!

1/24/2012   anna villard 
that was not cool

1/24/2012   Joanne Courtney 
How sad this is.

1/18/2012   Debbie Simmons 
Two good clips.

9/13/2011   ANNA