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Solar Photovoltaic Electric Energy Systems

Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Dysart Unified School District
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The Dysart Unified School District worked with Kennedy Partners, Core Construction and Constellation to install solar energy systems at 21 district sites with no upfront cost. Financed and owned by Constellation, the school district will purchase the electricity generated by the systems, saving nearly $14 million over 20 years.
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9/26/2016   Bowen 
amazing idea to save energy

6/21/2016   coy brown 
A positive step forward to reduce energy costs

7/29/2015   coy brown 
good idea for the future for the district

6/18/2015   Helen C. Archer 
This video was both very informative and explained why the use of Solar Energy System will help in cutting the cost of electicity bill for the District. Plus the cut in cost of the electicity bill will put more money into the Classroom of which I'm in favor of.

6/3/2015   Osama Laddn  
Very nice!

11/11/2014   Western Peaks Anonymous Student 
This is awesome! No more power shortage as well as saving money for more school upgrades. My recess playground has a solar panel system and it is epic to have all this sweet shade!

11/5/2013   Howard Burnett 
An expensive project focused on during the course of the summer but at least this produces and saves enough electricity for schools across the disrtict and also provide dysart vehicles with shade.

10/22/2013   Teresa Jensen 
I think this is an amazing project and hope other solar companies follow suit.

10/1/2013   ruthuford dingleberry 
I'm enjoying the covered parking, How about a raise from all the money Dysart is supposivly saving ?

9/30/2013   Ben 
I think that this is an excellent idea and I would sincerely hope that some of the money saved would be used to fund school violence and drug prevention programs.

9/24/2013   Joe Shmoe  
Ain't nobody got time for that!

9/12/2013   bob 
put some at willow

9/10/2013   John  
Why don't willow canyon high school have any solar panels? This isn't fair

9/4/2013   Nellie 
I saw this morning the stands for the solar panels already installed have been cut down and removed? What is happening?

8/25/2013   melfi 
Are these Chinese or American made solar panels? Are we supporting American made products?

8/13/2013   Timothy willis 
why did you do this now baseball is ruin