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Start a Chain Reaction

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Sonoran Heights Elementary
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category: Safe Schools, Healthy Students
Sonoran Heights Elementary students promote student empowerment as part of Rachel's Challenge.
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4/8/2016   andrew 
nice concept

2/17/2016   Adam Hansen 
thank you for being there for me

1/7/2016   Haseem Abdulhalla Tarazi (AKA Steve) 
I find this good

3/5/2015   tristen 

9/12/2014   Tessa Rose Lewis 
Always be kind to other and obey your family and elders. believe in yourself, and most of all never drop out of school.

5/7/2014   tessa rose lewis 
i just have to say Rachel did not to deserve to die she was a incident little girl and she is the joy of our hearts!
she was such a perfect person her video just changed me a lot i felt so guilty of myself because i was sometimes being rude to other people and Rachel put me up thanks to Rachel's challenge

4/12/2014   LOLO 
I go to Sonoran Heights

3/21/2014   Someone who loves Rachel 
Rachel was amazing. She thought about forgiveness and passion. She died because her belief in God. She was herself. That is what everyone should be. I accept Rachel Joy Scott's Challenge

2/6/2014   Murial Boyer 
At many schools Rachels challenge does not take part. What is this song?

12/12/2013   yamilet 

11/27/2013   Dylan 
This a a great way to inspire kids to do the right thing and to teach kids about Rachel. :)

11/25/2013   Jan Grenfell 
Both adults and children need to treat each other with respect and kindness, without exception. A few kind words go a long way.

11/24/2013   destiny stephens 
i say amazing i want to bea part of it

i accept rachels challenge. be kind stand up, dont stand down. be YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/19/2013   kenneth johnson 
i accept yhe chalange for rachels chalenges

9/20/2013   Darlene Oesch 
That was so Awesome so proud my granddaughter was in this powerful message.Thank you for this.

i thought it was cool to put something up like that

7/15/2013   Lisa david 
Awesome character counts!