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Policy Governance in the Dysart District

Friday, April 12, 2013
Dysart Unified School District
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The following video outlines the Dysart Unified School District's move to a model of Policy Governance for the Governing Board as part of the district Strategic Plan.
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8/26/2017   Gwen Schulder 
Informative. Thanks

8/9/2017   ArleenV 

8/8/2017   Meredith Jenkins 
Thank you!

11/8/2016   Johnathon Q Publics esq 
I enjoyed the rhetoric well thought out for maintaining power base with minimal oversight.

7/5/2016   ShirleyAnne Smithey 

6/11/2016   Veronica Escudero 
Very informative. Thank you.

6/7/2016   sbartram 
thank you

7/29/2015   Nancy Peacock 
Informative; it was interesting to learn about governance.

7/29/2015   coy brown 
gives a clear understanding of the management process.

6/26/2015   richard laitinen 
Good directio

6/26/2015   richard laitinen 
Students should benefit greatly.

6/26/2015   richard laitinen 
A must reading

6/22/2015   Deb D. 
Informative, thanks.

6/20/2015   John Talerico 
Good Information

6/15/2015   Glenn Knight 
Very similar to other districts.

6/13/2015   Valerie Knight 
Good information

6/10/2015   barbara. Carl 

6/8/2015   Ken 
Good to know.

6/4/2015   Elsa Fajardo 
Very interesting.

6/4/2015   Russell Anderson 
A new insight for me as to how the district is run.

6/3/2015   Jules Ohrin-Greipp 
Good info.

6/2/2015   diana Branaman 
Very benefical and informative.

6/2/2015   robin bobrowicz 
good information

6/1/2015   Carla Lindsley 
interesting agenda of new roles

6/1/2015   stacy 
Good clarification of roles.

9/3/2014   Scott Stephens 
As the "owner/investor" where is my voice heard in this process? Seems to me parents are onthe outside looking in.

8/18/2014   Katheleen K Webster 
Policy Governance in the Dysart District is very clear and concise. Meets the expectation of the learner