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The Cambridge Academy

Monday, December 10, 2012
Dysart Unified School District
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The Dysart Unified School District offers The Cambridge Academy, an advanced academic program for middle school students, at Marley Park Elementary School and Countryside Elementary School. The Cambridge Program at Marley Park and Countryside will seek to enable academically motivated students to prepare for success in future academic pursuits while obtaining a comprehensive view of the world.
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6/11/2015   Coy M. Brown 
This offers a broader opportunity for learning

7/22/2014   eathan 
mika 5th you don't apply at a certain place you just go where ever you are accepted

1/21/2014   mika 5th 
how do you apply for cambridge at mp?

11/12/2013   Anonimus 
omg...I'm in it...combover....??

4/27/2013   jessica 
im going next year so excited

4/27/2013   Sarah 
omg i really want to go to cambridge

1/26/2013   Girl Future Cambridge Student 
I just applied yesterday. I was freaking out. I really hope I get in. XD <3

1/15/2013   Gaby 
Future Cambridge student, you do not have to wear uniforms! GOOD LUCK! Hope you get accepted!

1/11/2013   Future Cambridge Student  
I was sort of wondering if I have to wear uniforms if I get accepted to go here?

12/25/2012   kody 
hey I didn't know you would put me in the video but I liked it and it really represents cambridge