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Packages from Home

Friday, September 18, 2015
West Point Elementary
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category: Dysart Recommends
Meet Jade, a 7th grader at West Point Elementary School, who helped organize donations at her school for the Packages from Home Program.
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9/28/2015   Aunt Rosie 
Jade You are an amazing / selfless lil girl and we are truly so proud of you pay it forward...........You will have so so many many blessings in your life and that of your family. Love Ya

9/26/2015   Jeri and Maia Jo 
So proud of you Jade. Thank you for supporting our troops. Bless you.

9/25/2015   Doreen Bakemeier 
How inspirational. It is so good to see young people get involved in something meaningful. Good job and keep up the good work.

9/21/2015   Sabrina 
What an awesome and inspiring video!!! Great job Jade keep up the great work.

9/18/2015   Judy Manuel 
I believe this young lady qualifies as a "Dysart Hero" don't you?