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District Budget Video

Friday, March 27, 2015
Dysart Unified School District
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Learn more about how the Dysart Unified School District receives and spends money.

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9/11/2015   Fred De Werth 
Effective introductory information but lacking hard dollar specifics. For example, what is really needed, funds from Feds, State and two existing bonds or overrides. Only hearing money is the solution. This also goes to how broken the public system is and the local schools suffer which means our children are not getting the best education possible and why Charter and Parochial schools are growing.

7/29/2015   coy brown 
provides a clear understanding of how the district receives money and spends money

7/13/2015   Jimmy 
Vote no for tax increase.

6/18/2015   Helen Archer 
Good video to review how the budget is distributed throughout the District.

6/11/2015   Coy M Brown 
Good explination

6/11/2015   Bob 
The taxpayers have already stepped up. Federal money means Federal influence, and that's BAD. A conservative approach would benefit all. If you feel the district needs more money, look in the mirror, reach into your wallet and dig deep. Its tax deductible.

6/7/2015   Susan 
Fantastic video explaining the complexities of school budgeting.

5/27/2015   Jennifer Duncan 
Great information, I think its important for all to see and know how the spending and funding works.

5/13/2015   Tonya 
I would agree we desperately need the override. My kids are eating lunch at 10:30 in the morning. My 7th grader is on his 4th math teacher and 2nd science teacher for the school year. We just found out they are cutting bus service for elementary students that physically have to walk more than a mile each way but because the district is adopting the aerial view (flying over the houses) it is now less than a mile according to them. Ashton Ranch is losing 6 bus routes. This includes kindergarteners losing bus service. My kids now have to walk home in 115 degree heat or I have to find someway to get them to school even though I work in Phoenix 8 hours a day. This is absolutely horrible.

5/2/2015   Ken 
It's time for the taxpayers to step up and make sure this override passes . The Dysart district can not afford another round of cut backs in 2016. Most importantly YOUR CHILD , MY CHILD , YOUR GRANDCHILD AND ALL CHILDREN CAN NOT AFFORD ANY MORE CUTBACKS !!

4/28/2015   Mr.Nipples 
Great video i needed to know this!!!!!

4/22/2015   Ashley 
Wow, this is a great video. Love the visuals and that it is a child's voice.

Great video!This video definitely needs to be shown to the public sector!

4/21/2015   Espy 
Great Video, District should use it to get the word out/advertise it to the public sector .

Great Video! Very informative!