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Dysart Arts Academy

Thursday, December 01, 2011
West Point Elementary
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category: Fine Arts
The Dysart Arts Academy serves students in grades 6-8 at West Point Elementary School. The mission of this “school within a school” is to provide an arts-enriched learning environment merging creative and academic content to enhance student achievement.
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4/24/2015   Waleska Lanza 
Very humble thankful with the Art Academy from West Point Elementary, and all Arts programs. The Arts Academy, helps in outstanding ways children with special needs. I am the mother or 2 amazing Autism Spectrum Children and thanks for the Arts Curriculum, I can see a future adult life for my children Mimi & Richard. Thank with all my heart.

8/9/2014   Tina 
I think there should be an arts academy at every school!

6/21/2014   brianna  
i love everything about the ARTS its amazing nothing but fun!! You will love dance its a fun class

5/21/2014   Arts Academy student since 6th grade 
The Arts Academy is my life! I love it the teachers encourage you to work better. Better yet the dance performances are great and the dance teacher is amazing. I am enrolled for next year. Next year is my last year though since I am in 8th grade but still I love it!! I would recommend sighning up in 6th grade and then move it up intill the last year of middle school.

3/29/2014   Canyon Ridge girl 
I would give up anything to go to the Arts academy next year. I am in 5th grade and I play a baby tuba...

3/15/2014   A student at west point  
I am a student that is in 5th grade and I want to be in the Arts Academy. I play a violin and I'm also in Drama Club. So I think I could be in the Arts Academy.

1/13/2014   Alicia Y Tapia 
to be honest I miss the Arts Academy....It was so fun. The arts academy gives you a chance to let your voice be heard gives you that freedom to express who you are. If I could I would go back and do it again.

7/18/2013   Janel 
My girls started in the arts academy last year and loved it. I was very happy with the teachers and the creative environment they were in. They were very happy having more of the arts with their learning. I have moved them over to West Point to continue with the arts academy. Hope we get the same results as last year.

7/7/2013   a student at west point 
will there be high in teachers or just low level teachers because im at a dance studio and im at a very high level in dance so I need a high in teacher to grow even more then what I am

6/14/2013   Angela 
How do we register

8/28/2012   Unknown Soul 
Would this be for free or payment?

3/28/2012   Katie Riddle 
I would love to go her e because, I am so good at Art, Dance, Social Studies, Writing, and Drama.

2/3/2012   rose 
arts academy is awsome i signed up so thrilled to go

2/2/2012   unknown 
is this for free

1/29/2012   kaitlyn 
i got this paper because of being in chorus and it looks fantastic and its definatly something i would love

1/8/2012   TC 
I would like to get involved in teaching here.

1/3/2012   Connie Whitlock 
I'm the President of WHAM (What's Happen'n Art Movement), a group of 60 artists committed to promote art awareness and participation in the Northwest Valley (predominetly Surprise) we would like to help or partner with your school in the future to help with any of your needs...

12/23/2011   ??? 
thats awsome my school is getting better

12/15/2011   ruby 
thats my school!!!!